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We are equipped to serve patients in assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and group homes and provide the following:

  1. We offer specialized adherence packaging.


2) In-home visits, delivery of prescriptions to the home and a pharmacist on-call 24/7.

3) Quality Control: A licensed pharmacist to assess the medication system and reviews the drug regimen of each resident on a monthly basis and report any irregularities to the resident’s attending physician, the administrator and director of nursing, who must act on the reports.

4) Onsite services – Our service starts with an introductory meeting of our staff with key your staff members. Equipped with a deep understanding of your unique needs, we will customize a plan that encompasses educational, regulatory and cost-containment concerns, while working to assure appropriate medication therapies for each resident.

5) One-on-one consult with Pharmacist /Pharmacy staff- includes one-on-one time with leadership team members both before and after their consulting session. This helps ensure all critical information is promptly shared and addressed.

6) Monitoring medication management-accurately dispensing medications, and reducing time spent on correcting errors.

7) Staff education services :To advance staff knowledge, we provide extensive educational resources and tools.